Anyone's Ghost

through my viewfinder or standing in front of it


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{Polaroid Spectra, Rachel Dashae}
The Undomesticated Domestic: Reprieve 
True Blue 

{35mm, April Hutchinson}
Beyond the veil of life, beyond the look of eyes 

{35mm, Courtney McCullough}
Against the Grain
{35mm, Ashley}

Anonymous said: Do you have any photography goals before the summer is over?

Before the summer is over? No, not particularly. The only goal I ever have is to learn more about the cameras I use, which only comes through practise.

Preview with Courtney McCullough

{Spanish Banks, Vancouver}
I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.

Wissahickon Park, PA

{35mm, Bretagne}
Another Day Like This
Wissahickon Park, PA
{35mm, Erica Jay}


Rodin Museum, Philadelphia

{35mm, Ashley}